CREATE project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking with GA No 890898 under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.


Air operations largely use weather information (visibility, wind, precipitation) to make the air traffic flow safe, continuous and efficient. Runway choice, arrival and departure routes are all affected by local weather. As climate changes are ongoing, with larger variability in local phenomena, available information on the weather on short and longer notice are increasing and technology is being improved to use this information.

CREATE aims to achieve innovative procedures in ATM to reduce climate and environmental impact, while becoming more resilient to weather phenomena. CREATE will (1) study the vulnerability of the ATM system with respect to weather phenomena to improve ATM procedures (2) study the impact of aviation on the environment both short and long term, in order to propose ATM operational changes able to reduce such impact (3) study possible new meteo tools and methodologies to integrate their use in ATM (4) study and propose ATM operational changes to improve efficiency of air traffic management and reduce related environmental impact for both en-route and TMA flight phases, while improving the ATM resilience with respect to weather phenomena (5) validate proposed ATM operational changes to reduce ATM environmental impact and improve ATM resilience with respect to weather.

The ATM system will be looked at from the en-route operations and TMA operations perspectives. CREATE will utilize curved trajectories, to be optimized on-board basing on the CREATE optimization tool. Around these tactically modified trajectories, a concept of operation will be developed based on the SESAR principles for TBO and i4D, enabling the Network Manager for more efficient overall flows optimization, strengthen ATM resilience. CREATE will rely on weather ensemble forecasting models, allowing high resolutions and short-range forecasts, thus contribution to the reduction of aviation’s impact on the environment and climate and improve ATM’s resilience to these phenomena.

Benefits from Create Project

The CREATE project will show how environmental impacts of ATM operations can be reduced during different flights phases, in particular in TMA & en-route operations.
The results coming from CREATE project will contribute to define recommendations and new climate/environmental assessment methodology to be taken into account in the future ATM.

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CREATE intermediate review meeting

It is a pleasure to announce that the CREATE project had its intermediate review meeting on September 15th and October 4th with very positive outcomes. CREATE is a very ambitious project and the first results are very encouraging. This was perceived by SESAR JU that...

First Advisory Board meeting

On July 7th, CREATE had the first meeting with the project Advisory Board. It was the occasion to discuss the first project results, mainly related to the deliverable 2.1 and 2.2. In the first part of the meeting the project was presented, and the first outcomes...

CREATE Synergy meeting

Wednesday 17th March the CREATE project promoted a meeting with the other SESAR JU projects to share the first project results. In particular, representatives from the SINOPTICA and ALARM projects participated. The meeting was warmly welcomed by SESAR JU: it was the...

CREATE participation to SESAR Innovation Days

The 10th edition of the SESAR Innovation Days was held from 7th to 10th December 2020 in a virtual mode, due the current COVID -19 emergency. CREATE participated to the poster exhibition and thanks all the visitors and people who was warmly welcomed the Q&A...

CREATE WP2 Strategy meeting

On October 30th the partners involved in the WP2 met to answer the question: what is the Relation between environment and ATM? CREATE have built strategy agreed with all partners involved (ARIANET, CIRA, NLR, UPC and UNIPARTH) specifically designed and conceived...

CREATE participation to the MET & ENV workshop

CREATE team participated to the MET & ENV workshop on October 1st. It was an occasion to discuss how adverse weather impacts air traffic and to work for building solutions to increase ATM resilience to weather. It was a fruitful event which paved the way for your...

WP2 first meeting

On July 15th, the frist WP2 technical meeting was held. Partners discussed and organized the next project activities.

WP3 first meeting

On July 15th, the WP3 first technical meeting was held

CREATE start

On July 1st the CREATE project was kicked off.