Aviation is one of the industries that contribute to climate change and the most relevant contributor with reference to emissions at high altitude. Aware about the challenge to reduce carbon emissions, SESAR JU financed several projects aiming at finding viable solutions to achieve innovative procedures in Air Traffic Management to reduce climate and environmental impact. As most of those projects will be completed by mid-2022, the CREATE project, a H2020-SESAR initiative, promotes a joint event to be held on July 6th, 2022. It will be a public workshop intended as an opportunity to exchange experiences and stimulate new initiatives. CREATE, FlyATM4E, ALARM, ISOBAR, FMPMET, SINOPTICA and DYNCAT will present the results achieved by their exploratory research projects after almost two years of activities. The projects will show how the scientific community, but also airport authorities, local communities, policy makers and manufacturers can use their solutions to better understand the global and local impact of aviation on climate and environment, how these effects can be mitigated, and how it is possible to improve the resilience of the ATM system to the climate changes expected in the near future. New technologies and decision systems should be put in place to mitigate climate and environmental impacts. Working collectively towards solutions should not stop here and some insights to what the future might bring could help us in defining policy and research goals. As such, a discussion among projects representees will be held, and a document, summarizing lessons learned from projects and future perspectives, will be produced.

The event will be hosted by the Parthenope University of Naples, coordinator of the CREATE project, and will take place at “Villa Doria D’Angri”, but also streamed for anyone interested. The registration is available at this link and subscription to the event will be open till June 27th.

Click here for the draft agenda