Data Management Plan Abstract

CREATE is a project aligned with the research topic “Environment & Meteorology for ATM”, which is part of the research area “ATM Excellent Science & Outreach” of the SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research programme (call H2020-SESAR-2019-2).
CREATE challenge consists in the reduction of the environmental impact of aviation, considering not only fuel burn but also other aspects such as air pollutants, e.g. CO, NOx and particulate matter. The CREATE project fully complies with this topic, because it proposes new ATM concepts aiming to reduce the environmental impact of flight operations for both en-route and TMA (Terminal Manoeuvring Areas), taking advantage of an innovative approach for 4D trajectory optimisation together with the use of advanced weather and air quality models.

The Data Management Plan (DMP) covers how data will be handled within the project frame, during the research and development phase, but also describesthe intentions for data storage and availability once the project has been completed. This document is intended to define the data management plan at the start of the project in as much detail as possible; if new information will be made available at a finer level of granularity, for example, a data set not initially considered, differences will be
documented in an updated version of the DMP.

The CREATE Data Management Plan (DMP) follows the guidelines defined for the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP). Therefore, this DMP provides information on data sharing, also taking into account limitations of partners, IPR (intellectual property rights) and legal issues, and licensing. No ethical issues have been identified for CREATE. While this document aims to avoid duplication of material from the references it builds on, some elements may nevertheless be repeated to make the DMP document as readable as possible without continuously having to consult all the reference material. It does not contradict the Grant Agreement in any way.